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Your doctor is in charge of your counseling and finding the best timing for the beREADY test. The sample is taken in your clinic
Your clinic ships the sample to beREADY laboratory. Our team performs the quality control and laboratory analysis
Our team sends the report to your doctor. Your doctor is will make adjustments in your treatment plan accordingly

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Please email us [email protected] and we will contact with your doctor and find a solution
Your endometrial sample is taken one cycle before planned embryo transfer. beREADY is suitable for Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and natural cycle. Your HRT scheme should be the same as it will be in the time of your IVF embryo transfer. Please ask more information from your doctor.
Your doctor is responsible for informing you about the benefits and outcome of the test. Your doctor makes the necessary changes in your treatment plan, if needed. After consultation with your doctor, you will sign the patient informed consent document. The sample is taken after that.
An endometrial tissue sample is preserved in a special solution and shipped to beREADY laboratory.
The analysis begins once we recieve your sample. The beREADY test analyzes gene expression biomarkers. The biomarkers reflect the readiness of your endometrium and provides clear recommendations.
RNA material is extracted from the tissue sample and 67 informative biomarker genes are analyzed. beREADY uses patented TAC-seq technology that detects even minor changes in the sample.
Your doctor recieve the beREADY test results in average 6-8 business days after we have recieved the sample. The report shows your endometrial receptivity level and indicates if any changes are needed in your IVF treatment plan.
Based on the results of your test, the necessary changes could be applied in your next IVF cycle(s).
beREADY report may show that your WOI is significantly shifted. Then we recommend improved timing ant to take a new biopsy in the next cycle. We ask new biopsy only in 10% of patients. The new biopsy analysis is free-of-charge.
The new biopsy analysis gives you the confidence that your embryo transfer is planned at the most optimal time. It increases your chance of getting pregnant at the end of the day.